Project Planning

Implement your new program, product or service according to your specifications.
Imagine having a seasoned, dedicated Project Planner who will manage and implement your new ideas according to your specifications.

A detailed plan will be created and the project will be carried out with your team, keeping you well informed along the way.

If additional talent is needed, we’ll help them find just the right people to add to your team.

Business Documentation

Create a consistently reliable environment for your staff and be well prepared to scale your business.
Policies and procedures that accurately reflect your business are critical to your success.

Up-to-date procedures will allow your staff to operate efficiently and create reliability in your office environment. 

Accurate documentation prepares you to scale your business easily when it’s time to grow and positions you to move quickly when it is time to sell.

Accountability Coaching

Finally accomplish the goals you have been avoiding for too long.
Experience the momentum of working with a Coach who will help you achieve your goals by holding you consistently accountable while you execute the necessary tasks.

Imagine having a thinking partner who will help you clarify your confusion, organize your steps and motivate you when you’re stuck.

Feel the pride and satisfaction of completing everything you committed to do this year.

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project planning, business systemization, team building, your project planner, carolyne simiAbout Carolyne Simi

Project Management is in my bones. It’s what I’m wired to do.

I spent 35 years as a professional Project Manager in the Information Technology space for major Financial Institutions in San Francisco and New York City. It was a good profession while I was an employee of those big banks but an even better profession when I found the courage to launch my own independent consultancy in 1999. That became my first training ground as an entrepreneur.

During those indie consultant days, I would walk into a NY client’s office not knowing their business or their staff. I had to quickly find a way to fit in, figure out what needed to be done, by when, by whom, get the plan established/agreed and then start marching down the implementation isle with a team that technically didn’t report to me. These were complex system implementations affecting one or more departments. When the project finished, I was off to the next client.

Then there came a time when I found myself wanting something different; I wanted a change. I decided to move into Coaching as a career which is when I opened Create Your Encore. But, after a few years, I realized the Project Management skills that served me well in my corporate days were calling me back; this time to serve the growing entrepreneurial community. That’s when I started Your Project Planner.

What you’ll find in Your Project is a seasoned, professional Project Manager who has been an entrepreneur for many years and understands what Small Business Owners are up against.

I’m passionate about helping you flourish and create the business of your dreams.

Curiosity ~ Collaboration ~ Commitment

"Your skills and experience are a valuable asset to any entrepreneur - solo or not - aiming to grow their business. Perspective, clarity and direction emerge from your deep listening. Thank you, Carolyne!" ~Anja

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