What’s the #1 thing to do before the downturn hits? 

Stabilize & Strengthen Your Operation

"What got you here won't get you there." ~Marshall Goldsmith

Structure is what positions businesses to grow with strength & confidence. 
Your Project Planner brings all the services listed below to help your team be happier, more engaged, productive and working like a cohesive unit. 
This is the kind of preparedness that will allow you to better control your Operational expenses and will support you regardless of economic conditions. 

About Carolyne Simi

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Carolyne Simi started her career as a professional project manager in the information technology space for major financial institutions in San Francisco and New York City. It was a good profession while she was an employee of those big banks, but an even better profession when she found the courage to launch her own independent consultancy in 1999. That became her introduction to entrepreneurship.

During those indie consultant days, she experienced a wide variety of projects of all sizes. It was an excellent training ground for learning how to stay nimble, focused, keep the team on track and problem solve our way to the finish line.

The next move was to leverage her corporate experience into a valuable service to help the small and medium-sized business sector. Your Project Planner has become one of the few companies that helps businesses become sustainable, scalable and salable by implementing the tools, procedures and processes that improve team cohesiveness and engenders ownership of the Operations side of the business.

Helping Businesses Become Sustainable, Scalable & Salable

Are you experiencing:

  1. Continuous mistakes resulting in rework?
  2. Missed deadlines resulting in customer complaints?
  3. Knowledge that leaves in the heads of departing employees?

Procedures for all of your operating functions will be written for you and made an integral part of the daily process. That alone will resolve these and many more problems. It will take less time, cost less than you think and make a huge difference in your work. It’s money well spent. 

Are you experiencing:

  1. The same process breaks over and over again?
  2. Difficulty in incorporating new processes?
  3. Frequent delays in the daily process resulting in missed deadlines?

Your process flow will be analyzed, corrected, charted and mapped to your procedures so that the staff is crystal clear on how the work is to be processed. Staff disputes will be diminished, productivity will go up and customer complaints will go down.

Are you experiencing:

  1. High turnover?
  2. Difficulty in holding staff accountable for their responsibilities?
  3. A toxic work environment?

Clear job descriptions will be written for all of your job functions allowing you to be in better communication with your staff as to your expectations of their performance. Employee relations will be improved, work quality will go up and it will be much easier to bring on new employees quickly and accurately.

Are you experiencing:

  1. Lack of clarity about your employee’s strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Disengaged employees?
  3. Staff results that are not in alignment with goals of the company?

Your staff will live up to or down to what’s expected of them. When they have clear performance objectives that are reviewed quarterly or semi-annually, everyone will be clear on where they stand and how they can improve or move up to the next level.

Are you experiencing:

  1. A staff that relies too heavily on you for support and basic decisions?
  2. Constant interruptions to resolve issues?
  3. Inability to step away from your business without coming back to problems?

This step is reliant upon having process and procedures well documented and the team working as a cohesive unit so that they’re ready to take ownership of their side of the business. A decision matrix will be developed with you and the transition will be monitored until it is complete.

Are you experiencing:

  1. Important information dropped, lost or not collected at all?
  2. Inability to stay competitive?
  3. Decreasing productivity?

Implementing software that is appropriate to your organization increases your productivity, maximizes your employee resources, reduces your regulatory burden, and makes the entire staff more efficient. Your Project Planner will manage your implementation project, serving as the conduit between you and the supplying vendor to ensure that everything is installed correctly, according to plan and within budget.

Is This You?


The ideal client for Your Project Planner has:

 <$50m in annual revenue

✓  Over 3 years in business

 Between 10-200 employees


Your Project Planner is most impactful in the following stages of business:

✓  Ready to grow

✓  Preparing to sell

 New owner takeover

 Growth by acquisition integration