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Are You Avoiding the Elephant in the Room?

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I have a question for small to medium-sized business owners: Why aren’t procedures written or updated until there’s a breakdown? Really. I want to know. My sense is that you won’t have a substantive answer because it’s so low on your priority list. One of your reasons might be as simple as no one wants to do such boring, tedious, mind-numbing work. Or, you don’t have anyone you can spare to do it. Nice try but, not good answers. 

It’s a topic that’s often avoided at all costs when the enterprise is considering their projects for the year. It’s perceived as work that isn’t directly related to the bottom line, so you think — “Let’s not do it now. Later maybe. We’re okay.” 

Do you really know you’re okay,
or are you just avoiding the elephant in the room?

When is the last time you talked to your staff about what it’s like for them on a daily basis? If you did, you might hear some surprising things like several different versions of how the same job gets done. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable enough, they might share with you their frustrations, their concerns and if you’re really lucky, you might hear some fantastic and innovative ideas for streamlining, simplifying and improving processes.

It’s no secret that people, at their core, really do want to be happy in their work and part of what makes happy workers is when everyone is pulling together to move the company forward. When you haven’t set an intention for consistency and accuracy in your organization, they may not even realize they’re pulling in different directions until processes fall over, staff becomes frustrated, clients leave you, and your revenue stream dissipates.

Your team is the crowning jewel of your enterprise, and they need to know you have their back.

  • They need to have the tools in place to do their jobs efficiently and successfully.
  • They need procedures and policies in place that help them understand that you hold them accountable for consistency and accuracy in their job performance.
  • They need you to partner with them, talk to them and take their suggestions to heart.
  • They need you to let them do their jobs and when things go south, engage with them in the resolution and solicit their ideas for making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Yes, procedures are boring but, they’re the lynchpin that will hold your business together when the proverbial hits the fan. You may not think they are directly related to the bottom line, but they are. In fact, they are critical to your success.

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To your success!!


Carolyne Simi empowers business owners to their next level of success by planning, managing and documenting the projects that will get them there. 

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