Process Flow Analysis and Charting Case Study

Industry: This client is in the Press Release Distribution field. 

Problem: They are a well-established business with a new CFO who identified that they didn’t have a documented Vendor Onboarding process which represented exposure to risk and undue expense. 


Without a procedure in place, the Stakeholders (who are typically the department heads) tended to engage with vendors before ensuring that NDAs were signed, due diligence was exercised, understanding how the vendor was going to access company data and before obtaining approval from Legal or notifying Finance of the impending expense. This gap was exposing the company to legal, compliance, infrastructure and financial risk. The business unit that spear headed this project on behalf of the CFO, was Accounts Payable department. 

As the definition ensued, the details were clarified, the decision points and handoffs were pinpointed, the steps were documented, an existing Business Justification form was revised and the entire process flow was charted. 

Fine tuning of the Vendor Onboarding process was achieved through iterative reviews and walk throughs which almost always uncovered a detail or two that needed further examination. Ultimately, the process was completed and sign-off was obtained. 

The process boiled down to 3 major milestones: 

  • Preparation -which involved selection of the vendor, the determination as to whether the vendor had been used by the client previously, due diligence to ensure the vendor is in good standing, notification of Legal and Finance, and execution of the NDA. 
  • Business Relationship – where the Stakeholder engages with vendor, the Master Services Agreement is executed with Legal, the project details are finalized and the Statement of Work is prepared 
  • Vendor Engagement – this is where the vendor is onboarded, the W9 is executed, the vendor submits their invoice, Accounts Payable processes the payment and the engagement begins. 


Engagement with a 3rd party vendor usually involves a substantial expenditure and potential risk to the organization. Now that this client has a clearly defined process that is available on their SharePoint site in the form of a checklist and a charted process flow, the Stakeholders know exactly what’s involved in the selection and onboarding of a vendor and the order of steps they are required to follow. 

The benefits derived by the client is that they now have a consistent process that is replicatable and predictable. All departments are engaged at the right times and risk has been mitigated. 

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