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The Nimble and the Quick — A Growing Small Business Trend

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Let’s face it — as a Small Business Owner, you have many of the same needs, demands, and pressures as the big guys but the disadvantage you face is that you can’t justify staffing the expertise to manage those issues on an ongoing basis. Many Small Business Owners maintain just enough staff to keep the business afloat. They’ll run as lean as they can for as long as they can and hope that they will figure it out along the way.

While that technique seems to work in the immediacy of the moment, in truth, you and I both know it really doesn’t, but what’s the answer?

Here we are at the precipice of 2018. It’s a fresh start. You have your business goals written out, and you’re creating strategies for accomplishing them. Good job!! Goals tied to action plans are the most powerful tool a business owner can possess. But, what would happen if you added something to the mix that would make this year better than all previous years?

How about injecting a little more horsepower into your planning that would ensure your goals really and truly get accomplished this year?

  • What would that do for your credibility with your existing clients?
  • How much more appealing would your offerings be to prospective clients?
  • What would it do for your revenue objectives?
  • How would that added flexibility position you to take advantage of new opportunities as they come along?

The Small Business community is trending toward engaging with specialty contractual help to accomplish their objectives more quickly and efficiently. What I’m talking about here is much more specialized than the typical Virtual Assistant. I’m referring to a professional Project Manager who is experienced in taking responsibility for managing a team of people engaged in executing a project for the betterment of your business.

Stay with me here. At first blush, that might sound complicated and expensive, but it really isn’t either of those things. It’s actually just smart business. Let me explain.

Without question, hiring contractual help to complete your projects is a direct expense to your bottom line. A great way to justify that expense is to think critically about the lifetime value of what you’re creating. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • How long will this product be viable for your clientele?
  • What is the potential for product expansion and enhancement over time?
  • What are the starting and future price points?
  • When do you ideally need to deliver it to market & what will it take to do that?
  • What are the expenses associated with delivering your product?
  • How many would you have to sell before you turn a profit?

Typically, the expense associated with hiring the expertise you need is small compared to the ongoing monetary value of the product you’ll create.

Nimble:  The more you utilize resources who can do the work for you, the more strategic you will be with your vision and the more available you will be to new opportunities.


Quick:  The faster you bring your ideas to market the greater the impact to your bottom line.

As far as complexity goes, the objective of a good Project Manager is to clarify a project and break it down into manageable, doable pieces which reduces the complexity for everyone involved. Plus, when that project is removed from your plate, you’ll have much more flexibility to focus on your zone of genius.

Bringing professionals in to handle the work that isn’t in your wheelhouse means you stand a better chance of getting what you want, when you want it and within your stated budget.

It’s a savvy strategy that will allow you to meet and even exceed your goals.

If you’d like to know more about what it’s like to work with a Project Manager and how it will benefit your business, click on this link to watch my new free video series entitled:  5 Steps to Successful Project Management. Each video is short but packed with great information, and you’ll find a bonus gift at the end that will help you be totally prepared for your first meeting when you engage with your own Professional Project Manager.   

If you’d like to think through the projects you want to do in 2018, prioritize your top 3, get real about where you are with them and what it will take to get you where you want to go, click on this link to kickstart the New Year with my free 1st Quarter 2018 Action Planning Guide.

To your success in 2018!!


Carolyne Simi empowers business owners to their next level of success by planning, managing and documenting the projects that will get them there. If you have projects you would like to discuss and take action on, please do visit and sign up for a 30-minute introductory consultation.

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