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7 Magical Steps to Project Completion Heaven

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How many times have you passed on a great business idea because you thought you didn’t have the experience or skills to do it?

Before you passed on it, how much time did you spend really understanding what it would require to create and deliver it?

Did you reach out and talk to a colleague about it or did you let yourself completely off the hook and decide you’re just “not ready”?

One of the reasons our great ideas keep getting relegated to the bottom of our to-do list is because, quite honestly, we don’t know where to start, we’re unclear about what to do, we fear we don’t know how to do it, and we feel overwhelmed, so it stays on the “someday” list. That’s not a newsflash, but still, but it happens all the time.

When focus is missing from the equation, it’s tough to get anything accomplished. But, how do you find the focus you need to take the action steps forward and get ‘er done?

Admittedly, everyone works differently but here’s what works for me:

#1 ~ Start

I choose the most productive time of my day, open up a blank word document and start typing. It may feel a bit excruciating at first, but I tend to think when I type so eventually the idea starts to come together.

#2 ~ Frame It

When you start a jigsaw puzzle you start by finding all of the outside pieces to frame the picture, right? Same deal here:

  • What’s the purpose of your idea?
  • Who will benefit and why?
  • What’s the general structure of it?
  • What problem are you solving? 
  • What will your business look like when you’ve completed this project?
  • What will happen if you don’t do this project and how will you feel?

#3 ~ Brainstorm

This is one of the most powerful tools I know of, and it’s free. I have several trusted colleagues I can do this with, and I always find it to be an incredibly rewarding and fruitful experience. It’s valuable for both sides — you never know where that next piece of gold is going to come from so stay open.

#4 ~ Iterate

By now you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do so go ahead and write it up as clearly as you can. Let it sit for a day or so, read it over again, flesh it out some more and put it away. Rinse and repeat for no longer than a week.

#5 ~ Set Goals

To further enunciate your “why,” it’s important to set some high-level goals right now. You might find that your goals will have to change later on but you need to fuel your momentum so setting 2 or 3 good goals will help steel your resolve.

#6 ~ Ask for Help

By now, you’ve given yourself a good start, but you may be feeling like you’re not sure how you’ll get all the pieces together to do it. Find a professional to help you break it down into smaller pieces, think through the resources you’ll need to get it accomplished, what it will cost and help you figure out a realistic time frame for getting it completed.

#7 ~ Create a Plan

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it will cost you exponentially more in time, money and energy to accomplish your goals. Create a solid, workable, realistic plan, stay the course and see your idea come to life.

To your success!!


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