Jerry Knight ~ COO at DME Consulting Group

“Carolyne was extremely helpful building structure and content around policies procedures for DME Consulting Group. Carolyne has a unique combination of skills that helped our team collaborate as if she were an employee – driving outcomes and deadlines with grace – ultimately delivering on the promise of a finished product. We will use Carolyne’s services again in the future.”

Why You Need to Have Your Business SOPs in Place

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Nate Kievman ~ CEO, Linked Strategies

“Writing procedures for a growing virtual team isn’t easy but that was the assignment I handed to Carolyne. What she handed back to me was my entire client-facing operation in a highly functional template that allows us to deliver consistently reliable service. It wasn’t long before Carolyne became familiar with our structure and began working with the staff to proceduralize the repetitive steps we lead our clients through. Even though she didn’t know anything about our business, she rolled up her sleeves, asked the right questions, synthesized the concepts and created easy to follow, accurate procedures.She got along with the team very well and everyone enjoyed working with her. I would recommend Carolyne to anyone who is struggling with their Standard Operating Procedures.”

Mandi Ellefson ~ CEO, Hands Off CEO

“Carolyne has become a valuable member of our team. We were having challenges with client onboarding taking up too much of my time and mistakes costing us money and making us look bad. The steps were all in my head and I knew I needed a better system so that I could share the load. But it was near impossible to do it on my own.

Carolyne swiftly took over and re-engineered our client onboarding process. This will double my personal capacity so I can confidently bring in more clients. This is exactly what we needed to prepare to 4X the company this year. Our client lifetime value has increased considerably, and the work Carolyne has done will help us support our 83% re-enrollment rate as we continue to rapidly grow.

I highly recommend Carolyne in any of her specialties. She is experienced, and you can trust her to always follow through with impeccable integrity.”

Nick Weldon ~ Client Success Manager, Linked Strategies

“Carolyne is a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and ability to grasps concepts helped us document a larger portion of our company’s SOP’s in no time. Looking forward to the next time I can work with her.”

Debra Milner ~ Client Success Specialist, Linked Strategies

“I had the opportunity to work with Carolyne Simi during her contractual engagement with Linked Strategies where she was tasked with creating Standard Operating Procedures for the Client-facing operation. Carolyne took on the job with clear professionalism while, at the same time, bringing a personal touch to her work that made her very easy to work with. Carolyne is flexible, adaptable, curious, organized, a good writer and able to work effectively at all levels. She gets the job done and keeps her head on straight while doing it. We enjoyed having Carolyne as part of our team and would welcome her back should the need arise.”

Les Khan, PMP, MSOC, BBA

“Carolyne has been able to bring both a personable and professional approach to the projects we have worked on together. She is able to quickly grasp concepts and is willing to think outside of the box. Her structured approach has enabled all of our projects to be delivered on time and within budget. It is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Mark Hahn ~ Principal Architect/Information Security and Systems Design

“Carolyne in an excellent project manager. She brings a wealth of experience and talent to her work. She is detail oriented, thorough and tenacious. Carolyne’s work is always top-notch and she is a pleasure to work with.”

David Dart, CTO/CIO

“I have worked with Carolyne over a number of years. In each case, I have hired her as a consult Project manager. Every project that she has managed for me has been a major success. Her attention to detail, coupled with her “Can do” mindset provide the drive that results in her projects being run on time and within budget. As such I have no problem recommending Carolyne.”

Susan Roberts ~ VP of Treasury Operations at Capital One Bank

“Carolyne has an engaging style that entices people to work with her. Her superior project management skills are augmented by her ability to interact with all levels of business partners. This gets results! While she was extremely familiar with project management and the test process of implementing new software, she did not know either the software or vendors prior to this contract. Carolyne transcended that by sticking with solid project management, utilizing the subject matter experts around her and learning each vendor’s ‘personality’ enabling her to quickly work through issues. I highly recommend her as a project or vendor manager.”


“Your skills and experience are a valuable asset to any entrepreneur – solo or not – aiming to grow their business. Perspective, clarity, and direction emerge from your deep listening. Thank you, Carolyne!”