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Working Remotely – The Conduit to Becoming a Global Citizen

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My how things have changed. Stuff that we all (of a certain age) thought was just standard fare with regard to the workplace has been turned on its ear just within the last few years. More people than ever are productively and successfully working remotely, and more workers consider the remote paradigm to no longer be just a “perk” – it’s a “must-have.”

One of my clients is a shining example of the power of remote working. With the advent of Slack Channels, Zoom calls, Google Docs, collaborative Project tools, and a host of other technological goodies, these folks commute no further than their laptop. They simultaneously log into company staff meetings from Europe, UK, Canada, India, Singapore, Australia and many stops in the US. The time zones involved are quite brutal, but nevertheless, they are highly productive, totally engaged, remarkably dedicated and most of all, happy.

I’m reflecting back on my life as an independent Project Manager who worked in many different corporate offices over the years. Like many, I took a variety of different conveyances in the form of buses, subways, ferries, trains and planes to reach my clients. The clock started ticking the moment I walked through the front door. I knew I needed to figure out the who, what, where, why and how very quickly so I could start making things happen. The pressure was on. Everything and everyone was new. Where’s the bathroom, how do we reserve conference rooms, who are my team players, what’s this project all about, when does it have to be finished, who is the vendor, and myriad other questions. I had to look and dress the part, carry myself purposefully and act confidently even if I didn’t feel it.  It was nerve-wracking and exhausting.

Now, I sit at my familiar desk, with all my stuff around me, wearing my most comfortable clothing, fuzzy slippers, minimal makeup (maybe, at least lipstick). I join the Zoom call at the appointed time and together, my clients and I start making magic…no matter where in the world they are. I’m the same, but the paradigm isn’t. This is like heaven to me.

At the beginning of this month, I found myself feeling stagnant and a little stuck. I began to realize that all I need to do what I do is my laptop, reliable WIFI and my cell phone. So why was I chaining myself to my home office? On the spot, I promised myself I would travel someplace new, once a quarter, stay for at least two weeks and work from there. I swung into action with this new idea and so far, I have plans to be in San Diego for a couple of weeks in February, London (possibly) in the summer, and New York City for the month of September. What might be the destination in the 4th quarter? Who knows what I’ll discover, both personally and professionally, during those visits.

I sometimes find myself in conversations with colleagues who remark, with a sigh, on the speed of change in our world, mostly at the hands of technology. It definitely keeps us on our toes but in a good way.  I, for one, am grateful for the innovations that have allowed us to be global without having to jump on a plane and totally disrupt our lives unless we choose it as I’ve committed to do this year and beyond. It gives us the opportunity to bust out of our 4 walls and bring our skills and expertise to the global community – to the world – from wherever we choose to be in the moment.  Hooray for that!

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To your success in 2018!!


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